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Bluetooth For Helmet Motorcycle

Looking For a motorcycle helmet that will complete your look? Don't search more than our Bluetooth motorcycle helmet set, this set includes the motorcycle helmet, a wireless Bluetooth 3. 0 headphone speaker, and your choice of hand-free or sitting position, keep your music on point with our built-in or listen to your podcast with.

Cheap Bluetooth For Helmet Motorcycle

This dog ear Bluetooth headphones For helmet motorcycling is a valuable integrated modular flip up with a com radio For car or truck applications, motorcycle helmets integrated modular flip up with com radio dot is a top-of-the-heap alternative to keep your head down the road while commuting or biking. The Bluetooth headset For motorcycle helmets is able to connect to your iphone or android phone, this set can protect and connect your motorcycle helmet to your com and have access to phone numbers, email, and other activities while on the road. The bt-12 wireless Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset is For use with helmet-mounted bt (bluetooth) devices, it includes . "authorization" field to include your bt-12 wireless Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset hands-free and access to your bt (bluetooth) vernal wireless charging station, this field is necessary to charge your bt-12 wireless Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset while riding in order to competitively charge your helmet-mounted bt (bluetooth) devices. This Bluetooth helmet speaker For motorcycle is exceptional For hands-free riding! It includes a built-in speaker and an easy-to-use programming interface, the headband can be attached in one of two ways: by means of the headband's headband system or by using the headband's own loops. The Bluetooth 4, 2 standard offers good communication range up to 30 miles.